Student job opportunities

Student tutors

Each year the School of Liberal Education hires a number of students to act as Tutors in courses such as LBED 1000 and LBED 1500. These positions require a commitment of 5 hours per week for a semester, and pay a stipend of $1000 for the semester.

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Tutor Testimony

Acting as a Liberal Education 1000 tutor gave me the opportunity to develop not only my communication and critical thinking skills, it also allowed me to gain confidence in myself. Being at the front of a room, helping students understand new concepts and encouraging them to ask questions, and of course trying to act as a peer support for them is by no means an easy feat but I was able to persevere and succeed in ways I never thought I could. I found a new respect for all the hard work professors and instructors put into planning their lectures and being able to stand up in front of hundreds of students and be passionate about what they are talking about.


Tutor Testimony

When I started university, I knew the UofL was a Liberal Education based university, but had no idea what a Liberal Education was, or why getting one is so important. In my first semester I took Lib Ed 1000 as an introductory course, kick-starting a multi-year involvement with the Liberal Education department. Tutoring for Liberal Education 1000 has provided me with the opportunity to create dialogues that foster critical thought in the classroom and engage students in conversations about real world events and issues that concepts developed in class directly relate to. I hope to inspire students to bridge the divide between ideas introduced in academic settings and events in the news and in their daily lives. 


Tutor Testimony

I became immersed in Liberal Education my first year at the University, through the Global Citizenship Cohort. It followed me to my second year, as I connected strands and continued through my political science degree. In that year, I became a tutor for LBED 1500. Becoming a tutor gave me the chance to sit in a Liberal Education class I’d already taken and watch it from a different angle. In my third year I tutored Liberal Education 1000 both semesters, and kept watching. Each semester, I saw something I hadn’t seen before. That’s the best part of tutoring. The outlines don't change much, but what I learn; from the students and from the course, is always in motion.

- Kyra

Tutor Testimony

In my second year of university I had the chance to be a tutor for Liberal Education 1000. On top of that I paired it with an independent study looking at critical thinking and teaching. The experience was amazing and reflecting every week on the time with the students allowed me to be more prepared as a future teacher as I will be going into the Education Faculty. This is what liberal education is about, learning and having many different experiences and connecting them to a passion you have. The School of Liberal Education gives you these opportunities and will guide you along. I love that I got to personally pursue a passion, tutor, and see students succeed