Student Pathways

The University of Lethbridge offers a number of pathways for students to access the benefits and skills of a Liberal Education, as described below. For advice on School of Liberal Education courses or other pathways to explore your Liberal Education, please contact the School of Liberal Education Office in A812, or email

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Liberal Education List Requirements

In keeping with the liberal education focus of the University, all students in an undergraduate degree program must complete the Liberal Education List Requirement (Lib Ed Requirement). The Lib Ed Requirement consists of four courses (12.0 credit hours) from each of three lists, designated as Science (List I), Social Sciences (List II) and Fine Arts and Humanities (List III). See for complete regulations and lists. Modified list requirements are in place for certain post-diploma programs, and students are encouraged to check with advisors regarding which List courses are appropriate for their programs.


Liberal Education Courses

The School of Liberal Education offers a number of courses designated as Liberal Education (LBED) courses, at all levels from first to fourth year. These courses each provide students with exposure to all the pillars of our Liberal Education model. Many of these courses appear on one of the three Lists.


Special List Combinations

Students who successfully complete both Liberal Education 1000 and either Liberal Education 2000 or Library Science 2000 may reduce their Liberal Education List Requirement from four to three courses (9 credit hours) from each of Lists I, II and III.

Students who successfully complete both Liberal Education 3010 and Liberal Education 4000 may reduce their Liberal Education List Requirement from four to three courses (9 credit hours) from each of Lists I, II and III.

Students may also pursue both of these combination options. Students who successfully complete Liberal Education 1000, either Liberal Education 2000 or Liberal Science 2000, Liberal Education 3010, and Liberal Education 4000 may reduce their Liberal Education List Requirement from four to two courses (6 credit hours) from each of List I, II and III.

Minor in Liberal Education

The minor in Liberal Education is available to all students except those in the Faculty of Education. The minor includes six courses (18.0 credit hours) in Liberal Education and/or Interdisciplinary Studies, including at least one Liberal Education or Interdisciplinary Study course (3.0 credit hours) at the 3000/4000 level. For students who complete the required courses, the minor will be acknowledged on the official transcript.


"Initially I had no intention of taking any Liberal Education courses. However, once I did they quickly became my favorite classes to be in. Funny enough I enjoyed them so much and took so many of them that I unintentionally gained a Liberal Education minor. What I found out about attending university was that taking courses that I actually enjoyed was the most fulfilling part of my journey. I recommend anyone going to the University of Lethbridge to take at least one course in Liberal Education, because who knows maybe you’ll be like me and stumble upon something great."

- Harry Robb, B.A May 2018, first U of L minor in Liberal Education.

Job Opportunities - Tutor 

Each year the School of Liberal Education hires a number of students to act as Tutors in courses such as LBED 1000 and LBED 1500. These positions require a commitment of 5 hours per week for a semester, and pay a stipend of $1000 for the semester. Contact the School to find out more! 

Job Opportunities


Independent and Applied Studies

The School of Liberal Education also offers Independent and Applied Studies courses in areas related to Liberal Education, depending on instructor interests and availability.



"My passion is to teach, guide and see other students succeed at life. This passion led me to take a tutoring position for Liberal Education 1000, while pairing this experience with an indepedent study. As I took an independent study on Critical Thinking and Teaching, under Shelly Wismath, I had the opportunity to dive deeper into a subject that interest me and that will further help me in my studies for my program. As a bonus, independent studies give you normal class credits. I would recommend this opportunity to every student, at least taking the time to do one indepedent study."

- Antoine Gendron, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education