Previous Symposium Information

2020 School of Liberal Education Symposium (September 25, 2020)
Keynote Panel:  Care Labour:  Value and Recognition
Panelists:  Dr. Jan Newberry (Department of Anthropology); Tanya Pace-Crosschild (Opokaa'sin Early Intervention); Dr. Sienna Caspar (Faculty of Health Sciences)

2019 Social Justice Symposium (September 20, 2019)
Keynote Speaker:  Jackson 2bears
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Robin Gibb - Building Brains and Futures: One Connection at a Time; Paul McKenzie-Jones - Rights of Nature Movements in Contemporary Indigenous Ligel Systems.  Social Justice for All?; Rumi Graham - Social Justice in scholarly publishing: Open access is the only way; Gabriel Asselin - Substance Use, Stigma, and Access to Health Care Services.

2018 Social Justice Symposium (September 21, 2018)
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Julie Young - What is Social Justice?; Dana Inkster - To GIve Voice: Inclusivity and the Public Record; Dr. Adriane MacDonald - The Future We Want: What Sustainable Development Means for Social Justice; Dr. Julia Brassolotto - Older Adults, Health Equity, and Social Justice; Dr. Noella Piquette - Advocating: Social Justice and Diversity in Educational and Counselling Psychology; Roy Pogorzelski - A Metis Perspective on Reconciliation.

2017 Social Justice Symposium (September 22, 2017)
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Bryan Kolb
Guest Speakers:  Dr. Harold Jansen - Education for Democracy; Paula Cardozo - Libraries for Justice; Josie Mills - Art for Social Justice; Don McIntyre - The TRC; Dr. Jan Newberry - Raising Spirit Project; Dr. Tom Johnston - Geographical & Environmental Issues; Dr. Anne Dymond - Immigrant Issues; Dr. Maura Hanrahan - FNMI Issues; Cheryl Currie - Social Epidemiology.