Supplementary Furniture

Above and Beyond Standard Allocations

Individuals or departments may have furniture requirements that are "above and beyond" the standard or original furniture provision allocations.

1. Custom or additional furniture

  • Custom shelves, cabinets, workstations
  • Additional bookcases, cabinets, chairs, file cabinets, tack boards, whiteboards

2. Specialized items for academic/departmental program use

  • PA systems
  • “Smart” boards
  • Electronic podiums
  • Additional furnishings beyond standard origin in research Labs

3. Ergonomic furniture necessary to meet an individual’s requirements for Occupational Health & Safety. Must be approved by the U of L Wellness Office. Contact them for an assessment.

  • Keyboard trays
  • Footstools
  • Monitor stands/inserts
  • Height modified chairs or workstations
  • Ergonomic alterations to workstations