Sign Shop

Primary Responsibilities

The Sign Shop is responsible for overseeing all aspects of campus signage, interior and exterior. See Paint & Sign Shop Safe Work Procedures.

1. Commissioning of capital, infrastructure and renovation projects
  • During this process, contractor work is inspected for adherence to standards
Interior & Exterior Directional Signage
  • Identifying buildings, faculties and departments within the buildings
  • Providing direction from one area to another
2. Identification Signage
  • Rooms, occupants, name plates for reception desks
  • Fire extinguisher locations
  • House phone and classroom phone instructions
  • Elevator safety instructions
  • All health and safety instruction requirements for public areas (i.e. no smoking signs) which are not program or departmental specific
3. Supplemental Signage
  • Signage requirements which are either program specific or for interdepartmental purposes
  • Chargeable to the requesting department(s)
    • Event signage
    • Instructional/procedural signage to operate equipment
    • Price boards
    • Sign-out boards