Building Allocations

Contact the Service Desk to Report all Maintenance Issues

In addition to performing regular maintenance duties, Building Maintenance Operators rely on the University community to keep us informed about any maintenance issue that arises.

Please contact the Service Desk or submit an online work request. Do NOT contact Building Operators directly.

Campus Location

Building Operator

Area 1

  • University Hall

Adam Clampitt

Area 2

  • University Centre for the Arts
  • University Hall Levels 8 & 9

Mick Nutley

Area 3

  • University Library

Devin Schafthuizen

Area 4

  • South Plaza
  • Students Union Building
  • Centre for Sport and Wellness
  • Turcotte Hall

Karol Budny

Area 5

  • Art Vault
  • Aperture Park & Residences
  • Paterson Centre
  • Parkway Complex
  • Daycare Building
  • Sports Stadium
  • Anderson Hall
  • Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Hepler Hall
  • Markin Hall
  • Nicholas Sheran Arena
  • Water and Environmental Science Building
  • Off-Campus - Penny Building, CASA

George McIntosh

Set Ups

  • All Campus

Devin Schafthuizen