Distribution of Goods


Logistics is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of destination. In adidition to transportation, this may include inventoring, warehousing, materials handling, packaging and security.

  • Delivering new equipment from Materials Management (Finance) to requisitioning department
  • Delivering equipment/furniture from staging area to existing offices or areas
  • Travelling off campus to pick up or deliver goods
  • Delivering packing boxes for office moves
  • Moving items to storage areas per department’s request
  • Removing computers and equipment declared obsolete for Information Technology and other departments
  • Transporting rat carcasses to Green Acres Vet Clinic for disposal
  • Transporting transport obsolete equipment to auctions, institutions or landfill


  1. Moving materials for renovations, alterations or new building projects will be charged back to the capital project and should be included with the project budget.
  2. Download Interdepartmental Charges Matrix Mandate (1).pdf