Frequently Asked Application & Admission Documents Questions


Undergraduate-level Programs: Apply Alberta (online system)

  • Undergraduate applicants will be directed to uLethbridge's own institutional application later on in the process and subsequently evaluated by Admissions one-at-a-time, as they are received

Graduate-level Programs: CollegeNET/ApplyWeb (online system)

  • Graduate applicants will be evaluated as a collective pool by the end of a given graduate program's respective application period
UNDERGRADUATE-level Programs (i.e. Bachelors degrees or undergraduate diplomas/certificates)
All Conferrable uLethbridge Undergraduate Programs

Fall Intake

(Sept start)

Spring Intake

(Jan start)

Summer Intake

(May start)

(Any Campus) Off-shore International Undergrads June 15 September 15 N/A
(Lethbridge-bound) Domestic Undergrads June 30 November 1 N/A
(Calgary-bound) Domestic Undergrads August 1 December 1 N/A

*Domestic = Canadian Citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident

  • Undergraduate Application & Document Deadlines (will vary by program and campus)
    • ***Deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the uLethbridge Registrar's Office during any given academic year (not always guaranteed)
    • Some Lethbridge Campus-exclusive undergraduate programs will only have a once-a-year (Fall/September start) intake cycle, such as: The Bachelor of Nursing (BN & BNAD) and the Bachelor of Education (BEd) degrees

*Undergraduate program application periods for subsequent intake terms, will normally open via ApplyAlberta by no earlier than one year in advance.


  • Fall 2021 intake = applications first opened on Sept 1, 2020
  • Spring 2021 intake = applications first opened on Jan 15, 2020
GRADUATE-level Programs (i.e. Masters degrees, PhD degrees, or graduate diplomas/certificates)


Calgary Campus Graduate Programs

Fall Intake

(Sept start)

Spring Intake

(Jan start)

Summer Intake

(May start)

MSc(Mgt) - All majors & pathways February 1 N/A N/A
GCHSM & MHSM March 1 N/A N/A

*The application period for a subsequent Fall intake term will normally first open on September 1st of the previous year (e.g. Fall 2021 intake = applications opened on Sept 1, 2020).

  • Graduate Application & Document Deadlines page (will vary by program)
    • All program-specific application deadlines, as detailed in the above link, will be the same for both domestic and international grad prospects, alike
    • ***Deadlines may be extended at the discretion of the uLethbridge School of Graduate Studies during any given academic year (not always guaranteed)
    • Many Lethbridge Campus-exclusive graduate programs will only have a once-a-year (Fall/September start) intake cycle
      • However, some might have multiple annual intake cycles (Fall or Spring/January), while others might even have summer-based (May start) intake cycles

**In contrast with undergraduate admission, where applications are evaluated one-at-a-time as they are received, graduate admission however waits until the established deadline has formally passed before admissibility assessments are conducted.

All applicants who have been recorded and queued within the university's systems for review on the first business day after the designated application deadline, will be evaluated as a collective pool/cohort by the established graduate program committee - panel members will differ by credential - in the weeks that follow

All University of Lethbridge applicants, both new and returning, must pay a non-refundable processing fee, as follows:

  • All undergraduate applicants (international and domestic): $140.00 (CAD)
  • Canada-educated graduate applicants, only: $125.00 (CAD)
  • Internationally-educated graduate applicants: $140.00 (CAD)

The entry of credit card information (VISA or Mastercard) at the end of the application is normally required in order to ensure its proper submission and eventual queueing log within the university's systems.

Important Notes: 

  • Applicants may submit only one application for admission per academic-level, per term
    • Any requests to be considered for admission to an alternate credential program while a recently submitted application is still in-progress, must be emailed to ASAP
  • According to university policy, the non-refundable appliction fee (either academic level) will NOT be waived for any applicant, under any circumstances, at this time
  • Applicants who are unable to pay by credit card, MUST email to inquire on alternate payment methods

ULETH admission requirements will vary by both individual program and academic-level.

  1. Undergraduate Program Admission
  2. Graduate Program Admission

To ensure success in academic study, all applicants, regardless of citizenship or country of origin, must sufficiently satisfy one of uLethbridge's non-negotiable and listed English Language Proficiency (ELP) admission requirements, as detailed below.

Conditions will vary by academic-level. Each webpage is annually reviewed and updated accordingly, where appropriate.

NOTE: Both English Language Benchmarks (ELB) as well as Certificates of English as a Medium of Instruction results, are currently not recognized by uLethbridge as acceptable for meeting ELP at any academic-level, at this time.

All undergraduate program applicants will normally be provided with their own unique list of required supporting documents, as determined by their assigned Admissions Specialist, AFTER submitting an application through Apply Alberta first - no exceptions.

That is, apply first and then wait for further instructions from your assigned uLethbridge Admissions Specialist in regards to the next steps.

  • The submission of a resume for undergraduate application purposes is normally not required for the majority of applicants.
    • Only those who have been explicitly requested by their assigned Admissions Specialist to supply a resume in support of their individual (and in-progress) admissibility assessment, will be asked to do so (e.g. for appropriately qualified Matriculated/Adult Admission applicants)
  • Conditional (Undergrad) Admission

*IMPORTANT: Regardless of the academic-level, any admission-intended documents that are unsolicitedly delivered to the university (hard copy or digital) without an accompanying application and existing uLethbridge student ID number to match them to, will be swiftly discarded without question.

Many graduate programs will share a handful of common required supporting documents for initial uploading into CollegeNet/AppyWeb (e.g. unofficial academic transcripts from all institutions previously attended and currently attending , CV/Resume, Letters of Reference, Letter of Intent).

However, certain ones - and particularly at the Masters level - MAY require the presentation of additional items on-top of the previously listed base documents (e.g. satisfactory graduate admissions exam results (e.g. GMAT), an online portfolio of work samples, exemplary interview responses, an audition, etc.).

While being in possession of a foreign credential evaluation, as issued from a participating member of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC) is an asset, it is normally not required for initial uLethbridge application purposes as our institution conducts its own process for evaluating academic records which originate from non-Canadian schools. All applicants will be eventually assigned to a dedicated uLethbridge Admissions Specialist, who will personally advise the former on whether or not a previously completed ACESC-issued evaluation will be needed for their individual admissibility assessment.

The subsequent arrangement of original hard-copy transcripts for mailed delivery to the uLethbridge Registrar’s Office (which is centralized through the Lethbridge Campus, even for Calgary-bound admits) will be required by the applicant, shortly after submitting their graduate application. This is to ensure that the soft copy transcripts which were originally presented by the applicant at the time of initial application sufficiently match the eventually received official copies (i.e. the provided docs were not forged or falsified).

*IMPORTANT: Regardless of the academic-level, any admission-intended documents that are unsolicitedly delivered to the university (hard copy or digital) without an accompanying application and existing uLethbridge student ID number to match them to, will be swiftly discarded without question.

While possessing a completed credential evaluation from an Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC) member institution is an asset, it is not normally required for initial undergraduate or graduate application purposes at uLethbridge as the Admissions & Transfer team conducts its own qualifying reviews for academic records which originate from non-Canadian schools.

If and only if the active applicant's assigned uLethbridge Admissions Specialist explicitly requests for the submission of a WES, IQAS, ICAS or related evaluation for the former's individual admissibility assessment, can they then proceed with arranging a copy of it to be delivered to the ULETH SEARS Office (see the Where should I send my transcripts/admission documents to? drop-down tab below).

In accordance with the ULETH Academic Calendar, where there is evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an applicant or student has:

  1. Submitted or arranged for the submission of a ULETH application for admission with falsified, incomplete, or intentionally omitted statements; and/or
  2. Failed to provide any related document; and/or
  3. Submitted forged documents,

the University thus reserves the right to revoke the individual's admission, registration, and/or transfer credit, as the willing misrepresentation/omission of one's application details or any provided documentation in support of an application, constitutes as a form of academic fraud. The integrity and merit of uLethbridge's admission and transfer credit processes and culminating decisions, are made on the basis of complete and accurate information as provided to the University by either the applicant or other institutions acting on the request of said applicant, with honesty and in good faith.

It is considered best practice for all applicants to truthfully declare their entire educational history on their ULETH application for admission, regardless of what their previous academic performance was like in certain schools/courses, as Admissions uses the full breadth of provided information to determine the best/most compatible admission route to evaluate the applicant through, with respect to completeness of the latter's background.

To be considered OFFICIAL, any applicant's post-secondary school transcripts - as declared on their respective application for admission - must be sent from the issuing institution directly to the ULETH Student Enrollment & Registrar Services (SEARS) Office at the Lethbridge Campus in a sealed envelope (i.e. printed hard copy, delivered by airmail).

  • See the Where should I send my transcripts/admission documents to? drop-down tab below for the SEARS Office's proper mailing address.

**Faxed, scanned, pictured, and "student copy" versions of transcripts are normally considered to be UNOFFICIAL

Those individuals who are unable to coordinate the formal delivery of their official transcripts from their prior schools to uLethbridge - in support of an active application for admission - due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (e.g. past institutions no longer exist, school is located within a regional area that is currently experiencing civil unrest, transcripts are retained by home country's government, etc.) MUST email the ULETH Admissions & Transfer Office at as soon as possible regarding alternate and acceptable document submission formats.

Any and all hard copy official transcripts and other documentation required in support of an active undergraduate or graduate application to uLethbridge, must be addressed and arranged for direct delivery from the issuing institution to the ULETH Student Enrollment & Registrar Services (SEARS) Office (see mailing address below); all services and staff of whom are exclusively headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus in a centralized department:


Student Enrollment & Registrar Services (SEARS)

University of Lethbridge

SU140 - Level 1 of the Students' Union Building

4401 University Drive W

Lethbridge, Alberta  T1K 3M4



**The Calgary Campus currently does not staff any of its own in-house Admissions Specialists at this time**

As a result, we kindly request for all applicants to please refrain from sending/mailing any physical, admission-intended documents to the Calgary office as doing so will delay the progress of one's individual admissibility reviews. Any Calgary Campus-received digital or physical transcripts are simply re-routed to the SEARS office at the Lethbridge Campus, which can add an additional 2-3 business days (at a minimum) to the documents' anticipated transmittal and processing times. All admission & transfer credit-related services are centrally managed through the Lethbridge-based SEARS office, regardless of if the applicant is Lethbridge-bound or Calgary-bound.



  • Post-secondary institutions which are confirmed to be a participating member of the ApplyAlberta network, are able to send official digital copies of academic transcripts directly to uLethbridge on an applicant's behalf via the APAS system.
  • Those applicants who were previously educated at either non-ApplyAlberta institutions OR ones that are based outside of the province of Alberta/outside of Canada, should plan to engage all of their prior schools for the transmittal and eventual delivery of their transcripts to the uLethbridge SEARS Office shortly after submitting a formal application for admission (any academic-level, program, or intended campus of study)

    Admissibility assessments for all uLethbridge applicants can take up to 2-4 business weeks (on average) to complete, before a formal admission decision is rendered.

    Some applicants may be admitted sooner, some may be admitted later - the exact timeframe will always vary between individual applicants due to the diverse nature of individual backgrounds and document receipt timelines.

    • For UNDERGRADUATE program applicants, this time frame begins once an application has been submitted
    • For GRADUATE program applicants, this time frame begins after the designated application deadline for the program in-question has officially passed (link to grad app deadlines - will vary by program). Don't forget that graduate applicants are evaluated as a collective pool, rather than individually (i.e. the final candidate pool is only determined once the application period has closed)

    Active applicants are welcome to connect directly with the uLethbridge Admissions & Transfer Office at for any questions or concerns that they may have about their individual admissibility assessments, while they are still under review/in-progress.

    • Please be sure to include your auto-generated 9-digit ULETH student ID number in the body of your email for faster service.

    All Admissions staff are headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus in a centralized department (Calgary has none of its own) whose team of specialists oversee the full cycle admission review process for both Lethbridge-bound and Calgary-bound applicants, including: the receipt and review of admission documents, clarifying admission document requirements for individual applicants (e.g. confirming if certain (non-Canadian) transcripts can be submitted and accepted in alternate formats beyond official paper copies), finalizing admission decisions, refreshing/extending expired offer acceptance deadlines, and processing acceptances.

    Those deemed to be ELIGIBLE for admission, will receive an email/letter from Admissions, which will include:

    • An Offer Letter - Detailing information such as the new student's 9-digit uLethbridge student ID number, program/faculty/major/campus of enrollment, and other important preparatory "next steps"
    • A Confirmation of Admission (COA) Letter - Detailing instructions for accepting the university's offer, when to accept it by, and how to pay the corresponding non-refundable tuition deposit

    Those deemed to be INELIGIBLE for admission, will still be notified via email/letter from their assigned uLethbridge Admissions Specialist, regarding the specific reason(s) behind the decision along with detailed guidance on how to gain proper admittance into uLethbridge once again in the future.

    For those applicants who have been offered admission into their desired uLethbridge credential program but were unable to accept it in time before their established deadline - as written on their offer letter - please email the ULETH Student Enrollment & Registrar Services Office directly at and request for your original offer deadline to be extended/refreshed. The final decision to accept or reject such requests will be made at the discretion of the RO. Include your auto-generated 9-digit ULETH student ID number in the body of your email for faster service.

    Please be advised that the window of opportunity to request an extension for an expired offer, will close by the end of the designated course registration period for the new admit's intended semester of intake (normally once the first week of classes/lectures have finished).

    The university will not re-use previously issued offer letters once a formal admission decision has been rendered for it. The submission of a brand new application for admission via the Apply Alberta or CollegeNet/ApplyWeb systems, will be required for those who previously cancelled, withdrew, or rejected a past admission offer but now wish to return back to the university during a new future intake cycle.

    If your offer letter does not explicitly detail the next steps/required action items that you will need to fulfill in order to become a successful uLethbridge applicant again during a future semester, then please connect directly with the Admissions & Transfer Office at, for clarification.