Undergraduate Studies


As a political science student, you will study how political conflict is organized and resolved in the “real world.” You will look at how rulers are chosen, governmental decisions are taken and how decision-making processes are organized. You’ll learn how governments design and implement their laws and policies in Canada and abroad.

You will also consider how political leaders understand their obligations towards one another and how decisions are shaped by different views of “what’s right,” “what works” and “what’s possible” in different circumstances.

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Science have several special opportunities available, including:

Graduates from this discipline have gone on to work in such positions as: environmental lawyer, regulatory analyst, legal investigator, press agent, lobbyist, public affairs officer, public health administrator, and public affairs reporter.

For more information on any of the degrees listed above, review the Program Planning Guide(s) that aligns with your admission year (e.g. 2019/2020 BA Political Science) or speak to an Academic Advisor.