Where to Find us


The offices for the Program Coordinator and Learning Facilitator are located in A448 and A452 which are on the 4th Level of A Block in University Hall.  


From the Library Building:

  • Continue east to the staircase on either side of the hall
  • Walk past the Helen Christou Gallery, Starbucks, and Security
  • When you reach the staircase proceed to level 6 (You can take the Elevator if you have mobility issues)
  • Cross the Atrium past Urban Market
  • Turn right, there will be double doors with an A beside it, proceed through doors
  • Take the stairs to the bottom level, or go through the next set of doors to the Elevator and go to level 4
  • Turn left when you reach level 4, at the end of the Hall there will be a door with "Indigenous Studies" at the top.
  • Our offices are past the round table. 

Campus Map

Visitor Parking

There are parking regulations in place on-campus. Please review the different types of parking options available. We generally recommend allowing yourself about 10 minutes from the parking lot down to our theatre areas.

Types of Parking Available
Visitor and Short-term Parking
Visitor and short-term parking is provided in various parking lots around campus. Parking is provided in Pay and Display permit parking areas.

Customers may purchase pay and display permits using coins, credit cards or via the Honk mobile app. Depending on which lot is accessed parking time periods can vary from 1 hour to all day. Pay and display parking is available in the following lots:

  • Lot D and H - 1 hour minimum-1 hour maximum
  • Lot C - 1-hour minimum - 4-hour maximum
  • Lot G / E and Lot S - 1-hour minimum - 2-hour maximum
  • Lot N (north end)  - 1-hour minimum - all-day maximum

Accessibility Parking
Accessibility parking requires the display of a valid University of Lethbridge permit and a provincial disability placard together. This also includes disability placards used in combination with permits from Sport and Rec, or issued digital dash permits. Once you have acquired a disability placard you can contact Campus Mobility Services to arrange for a disability-labelled University of Lethbridge parking permit.

For more information about parking, you can visit their website.