About the Indigenous Student Success Certificate

Welcome to the Indigenous Student Success Certificate

The Indigenous Student Success Certificate (ISSC) is a first-year credit program, offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science, that provides First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) students who are not fully admissible to the University of Lethbridge an opportunity to enter into, and succeed at, the university level by providing a solid foundation of core skills in a supportive cohort environment that attends to Indigenous ways of knowing and learning. In addition to access to university courses, the program provides cultural and peer support, advising, and academic skills development to create a positive first-year experience that positions students for success in further undergraduate studies of their choice. When space permits, those who qualify for general admission may also access the ISSC. This is a full-time university program that may qualify for loans and other sources of funding.

What can I learn in this program?

  • How to bridge cultures and build interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Skills for success in university academics
  • Effective writing techniques
  • Library research and information gathering
  • Mathematics and computer skills
  • Creative thinking techniques
  • How to integrate health into your life and potential career
  • How to blend the wisdom of First Nation’s culture into your University of Lethbridge experience

Further details about the ISSC

Students earn university credit for all courses completed as part of the Indigenous Student Success Certificate, with the exception of MATH 0100 (which is a 0 credit upgrading course, and is not required in the program). The courses are coded 0520/0524/0525 (rather than typical 1000 level designations) to designate the transitionary nature of the courses (extra help, cultural and peer support, etc.), but each of the offerings can be used within our 40-degree programs (or the 50 course combined degree programs). So for example, at minimum, a student who completes the required core courses in the program [FNT 0524 (half course), FNT 0525 (half course), IDST 0520, LBSC 0520, WRIT 0520, FNT 0520 + at least two option courses], will have earned credit for 7 courses (21 credits) toward the 40 course (120 credit) university degree program they aim to complete. A student may take additional option courses as part of the one-year transition program to earn additional credits toward their 40-course program. The calendar entry for the program can be found on p. 149 of the undergraduate calendar.

ISSC students do qualify for student loans. The program does not appear on the Alberta Student Aid website as the ISSC, but rather students in the program are technically in a Bachelor of Arts (undeclared major). This is the default program/major to which the one-year transition courses can be applied, though as noted in the calendar link above, students may shift into any other program after the transition year (and use the ISSC courses toward that program).

Together we can make change easier at The University of Lethbridge. Our role is to guide, encourage and support students.