Food Bank Resources


Student Union Food Bank

SU 180 

How to get a Hamper 

  • Fill out the webform or call 403-329-2222 to request a hamper

  • On your first visit you will be required to fill out a form and show your UofL student ID. For subsequent visits you will be required to show your student ID

  • One day notice is required for a hamper request, If the hamper is not picked within 3 days you will have to resubmit your request.

  • Each person is allowed two hampers per month for a total of 10 visits per academic career. 

  • After 10 visits if you feel that you still need assistance, upon your agreeance we will send you to visit Counselling services to determine if you can continue to recieve hampers for the next academic year.

If you have any questions regarding the ULSU Food Bank you may contact or phone Shelley at 403-329-2039

City Wide Resources

Interfaith Food Bank Society 

1116 - 3rd Ave N 


To apply for client services (or renew your Client Card), individuals are required to provide the following identification and information:

  • Photo ID (for adults 18+)
  • AB Health Care Cards (for all household members)
  • Proof of Income (child tax benefits, AISH or SA slips, pay stub, EI statement, etc.)
  • Proof of Address (rent receipt, utility, phone or cable bill, etc.
The Lethbridge Food Bank

1016 - 2nd Ave S 


We ask that anyone who is in need of our services provide us with following 5 items:

  1. Photo ID for each adult
  2. Alberta Health Care Card Number for each residents of the household
  3. Proof of Income: Pay Stub, Child Tax Credit, SFI, AISH, Pension, EI, etc.
  4. Current proof of address for all adults in residence: Rent receipt, Utility bill, etc.
  5. Proof of necessary expenses: Rent cost (a lease or rent receipt), Utilities, etc.