Launch Point Pitch Competition



2024 Student Stream Winners

First Place

Jenna Letain

Second Place

Tanner Bolianatz

Third Place

Angelina Oblak


2024 Community Stream Winners

First Place

Jenna Bailey

Third Place

Mojtaba Nazari

Photos of the event

How to Submit:

Round 1: 3-Minute video pitch competition - Finished

Submission Deadline: Feb 12th, 2024 - 12PM (Noon)

The 3 finalists will be selected from videos submitted in each of the student and community!

Round 2: 10-Minute live pitch competition - Finished

Time: 2PM - 5PM (Pitching), 5PM-7PM (Dinner)
Date: March 15th, 2024
Location: The Cave - Lethbridge College 


About the Competition  

The Launch Point Pitch Competition is a high-energy competition to elevate early-stage entrepreneurs on their start-up journey. It provides new founders an opportunity to pitch, validate, and help launch their business idea. Competitors will be challenged to convey: 

  • the need for their business solution; 
  • their ability to create and deliver their business idea; and 
  • their ability to build a sustainable business that will grow over time. 

This competition will have a student stream a community stream, and a BIPOC stream.



Attend in person

Are you wanting to see the finalists of the LaunchPoint Pitch Competition live. Support your family and friends at the live event. Register to attend in person. Contestants in the competition are automatically registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The LaunchPoint Pitch Competition is for students and alumni at all stages in their entrepreneurial journey-- including the ideation phase. All you need is a business idea. Judges will be following the pitch criteria stated above. 

Yes! You can pitch multiple business ideas. If you pitch more than one idea, please create separate applications for each pitch.

If you have pitched your idea at the LaunchPoint Pitch Competition and have placed in the top 3, you may not pitch the same idea again.

However, you may apply to the LaunchPoint Pitch Competition if you:

  • did not place in the final 3 with your previous ideas OR
  • are looking to pitch a different idea.

Don't know where to start? Ask us! We're here to help if you have any questions about your application or if you need help getting started. Email with your questions!

If you're looking for specific help on your pitch, we recommend meeting with our pitch mentor Brandy Old. You can book a meeting with her here: She will help provide feedback on your pitch.

Your video pitch must include the 4 criteria listed above (defining the problem, your solution, "how will you make money", and your ask). More information and examples of each component are listed in the pitching criteria section above.  

The pitch delivery and recording method is entirely up to you. In the past, students and alumni have used the following to create their slide deck and record their pitch:

  • To create your slide deck:
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Canva
    • Adobe
    • Keynote
    • Google Slides
  • To record your pitch:
    • Zoom 
    • iMovie
    • YouTube
  • Other recording resources can be found on the Project Sandbox webpage: These include: Adobe Spark, Handbrake, Insta360 Studio 2020, Open Shot Video Editor.

A word from our donors Howard and Suzanne Heil

Innovation is at the heart of mankind’s success. Entrepreneurs are the driving force of innovation. Suzanne, as an Interior Decorator, has been an entrepreneur most of her working life. Howard, as a practicing lawyer has endeavoured to assist entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential. 

“It is our hope, in some small way, with this competition more entrepreneurs can be helped to achieve their goals and in so doing improve and better mankind.”  

Although we are both graduates of other institutions, we feel the U of L is closely connected to the City of Lethbridge, a community we appreciate and love. The University’s mandate in providing a liberal education is important and one we whole heartily support. 


Howard and Susan Heil

Moments from LaunchPoint 2023