Agility Award

Purpose of the Agility Award

The Agility Award intends to bring experiential learning to the forefront of the student experience by providing new innovative learning opportunities for students and to strengthen our connection with Southern Alberta family and small businesses (SMEs). Recipients of this award will work to support Agility initiatives, student entrepreneurs, SMEs, non-profits, support prototyping in the Agility Innovation Zone, and/or bring their own ideas to life.  

General Qualifications

Agility Award recipients will be continuing full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at the University of Lethbridge. These students will have demonstrated engagement in Agility programming, (e.g. participation in; sponsored courses, projects and competitions, working groups, workshops, Agility Fellowships, etc.) and/or interest or participation in entrepreneurial activities. 


All awards are closed for application at this time