What is Agility?

Agility is a campus-wide program that is available to all University of Lethbridge students. The program is 100% donor-funded, which allows Agility to grow in multiple areas that reflect the passions and visions of our donors. We help realize projects that students, faculty, and the community identify as meaningful initiatives. Currently, we support multi-disciplinary projects that involve experiential learning in agriculture & agribusiness, social innovation, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies.

The Pillars of Agility

Social Innovation Entrepreneurship Emerging Technology Agriculture and Ag. Tech


Our Vision

Agility creates and supports innovative learning experiences and cultivates an atmosphere of creative discovery at the University of Lethbridge. Students, faculty, staff and community can explore and develop new ideas in a risk–free environment where failure is a way to learn.


Our Mission

Agility enables multidisciplinary collaboration to foster an environment of creative discovery leading to the development and implementation of innovative solutions.


About Us

Agility builds on the strong foundation of a liberal education while preparing students for life and careers in the 21st century. No other post-secondary institution in Alberta has designed a comprehensive program that supports students through course work & co-curricular activities, scholarships & fellowships, as well as innovation & collaboration spaces. Agility is trans-disciplinary and is focused on providing students with an innovation toolkit that will serve their life-long endeavours, no matter what direction life takes them. Agility equips students with the skills of resilience, responsiveness, and adaptability to allow them to keep pace with an evolving labour market. Students also develop skills that help them to tolerate risk and thrive despite change or failure. The Agility program is a key pillar in the University’s Destination Project initiative and is poised to advance the position of the University of Lethbridge as a leading institution for experiential learning and preparation for life in the 21st Century. By encouraging and enabling innovation amongst our students, by connecting them to valuable resources both within and outside the university environment, and by celebrating and supporting their entrepreneurial spirit, the University of Lethbridge will continue to produce graduates who will be the leaders of tomorrow.