Humans of ULETH

Humans of ULETH

Humans of ULeth creates a strong community by sharing stories of the students, staff, and faculty at UofL. Humans of ULeth also hosts events on campus that allow people of UofL to have a tangible connection with each other.

Humans of ULeth is modeled after Humans of New York, a photojournalism project started by Brandon Stanton where he interviewed strangers and published their stories online. These candid stories about life resonated with readers and the “Humans of _____” movement has since spread to other cities and institutions around the world. Combining my passion for storytelling and community-building, I got the idea in early October to start a Humans of ULeth. After consulting with Humans of UCalgary for advice and resources on starting such a project, I started conducting interviews and officially started posting stories on October 22, 2018.

Student involved:
Richard Lee Thai