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Galt Museum and Archives

Escape! Internment in Canada, 1914–1920 

In my project with Agility, I created digital models of First World War internment camp escape tools that can be created into 3D printed models and augmented reality (AR) displays. This project which was done in partnership via applied study with the Galt Museum and Archives allows the museum to teach education programs about the internment camps more effectively by using the models to create 3D objects and realistic displays for students to interact and learn with. Additionally, this same technology is being applied to exhibits on First World War internment camps at the Galt Museum to help bring a more physical element to exhibit settings for the public. Projects like this are part of a growing innovation to include 3D and AR technology into education and is revolutionizing the way we look at historical education. 

 I made this project to help improve our ability to tell the story of First World War internment in Canada, an often overlooked and untold chapter of Canadian history. Additionally, I was inspired by my Ukrainian heritage to tell the story of an event that impacted many Ukrainian-Canadians in the First World War. 

Ben Weistra

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Ben Weistra