Agriculture & Agribusiness


Create student opportunities such that the University of Lethbridge educates future generations in agribusiness practices that enable students to successfully operate a wide-ranging business in the agricultural sector.


Liberal Education 3350: Themes in Innovation Course

helps students develop the skills of a liberal education, especially those of creativity and innovation for dealing with complex problems. Creativity, philosophy and history of technology, and social change are all at the core of the course. Students will be introduced to the foundational ideas contribute to the innovation culture, which is built upon the principles of problem-solving, designing and building solutions, sharing a common interest in hacking and tinkering, and supporting community growth through collaboration. The course will consist of guest lectures and hands-on workshops on topics that include design thinking, creative problem-solving, social impact and rapid prototyping. In addition, students will put into action these skills and foundational ideas to solve problems related to a theme. A variety of topics will be introduced to help provide students with ideas to identify their final projects. This course is offered in the Spring Term.


Agriculture & Agribusiness Events

Agility hosts and sponsors students to attend ag-focused events. If you are interested in attending an ag event, please contact Agility about a possible sponsorship. We also want to bring new and exciting topics about the ag industry to campus for our community. Our events will let you hear about our upcoming events that focus on technology in agriculture and how your degree can launch you into a successful career in ag!



Cor van Raay

Cor Van Raay

Cor Van Raay of Iron Springs, Alberta, emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada in 1959 and, after working in a variety of jobs, landed in Alberta where he embarked on a lifelong career in agriculture.