Reduced Course Load

If you require extra time to complete academic courses for reasons related to your disability, you may be considered a full-time student (in regards to student loans) with a reduced course load. You will be assessed full-time fees.

Here are some generally-accepted definitions of terms you may want to become familiar with. Credits for each course load may vary by term and program. Please be aware that some funding sources may define these terms somewhat differently. This should get you started, though.

  • Full-time course load: 60% or more of a regular course load (typically 3 or more courses)
  • Part-time course load: 40% or less of a regular course load (typically 2 or less courses)
  • Reduced course load: considered to be full-time (in regards to student loans)¬†for students with disabilities carrying 40-59% of a regular course load

You will need to communicate with the ALC team each semester if you are intending on attending with a reduced course load as this will affect your student loans.