Meeting Notes/Minutes: Feb 25, 2013



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Lesson Plan Database

  • Bill provided an update on the lesson plan database; the conversion of hardcopy lesson plans - are digitized and ready to input into the datase. Bill will meet with Marlo to put this together. Carmen suggested we make sure the links to the Curriculum are time sensitive (year) to relfect potential changes to the curriculum over time.
  • ipad workshop Feb 2013.doc

Darcy Novakowski - Facebook

  • Darcy presented background and research into using Facebook to promote and maintain connections with our stakeholders. Noella - indicated that we need to target a single group first, Carmen emphazied the importance of the why to ensure it has a purpose. Rick indicated the concerns about human resources and the engagement involved, the idea of event based news, making it more mobile device friendly, repurposing media, etc.
  • Darcy will create a mockup of what it might look like for the next CTiTL meeting.
  • see attached report:
  • Facebook Report (doc)

iPad carts status report from Ken and Scott

  • see the attached report, results from survey lead into the possible PD workshops, ...seems to work quite well
  • ipad workshop Feb 2013.doc (doc)
  • As an aside, Rick suggested we investigate the use iPads for making videos of student teacherrs in their practicums. It was agreed that we need policies; Marlo will check with Lorraine

Infuse 21st Century Learning

  • (recommendation from external reviewers)
  • spotty integration by Faculty
  • students always wanting more interactive whiteboard
  • issue of not forcing technology versus benefits of making it a requirement with link to KSAs
  • Rick indicated that this topic will be covered in the upcoming Faculty Retreat.