E-mail Utilities

  • Change your e-mail account password
  • Check your account
    See how much storage space you have left in your personal space or in your U. of L. e-mail.
  • Email Off-Campus (Vacation) Notice
    Enter your Username and Master Password to get a form displaying your current E-Mail Off-Campus notice, if any, and allowing you to add, change, or delete it.
  • Forward your e-mail
    This is a useful feature if you use an e-mail account that is different from a U. of L. account. Forwarding your U. of L. e-mail account will automatically have the system redirect any e-mail going to your U. of L. e-mail account, to your current e-mail account (non U. of L. acount).
  • Webmail
    Access your e-mail from anywhere in the world.