The original Palliser commissioned model of the University of Lethbridge main campus created in the early 1970's has found a new home on campu

When Dr. Van E. Christou (LLD '84) and his family attended Expo ’67 in Montreal, they had no idea they’d be coming home with a 17-foot tall, 1,800 kilogram (4,000 pounds) souvenir for the University of Lethbridge.

In January 2009, Dr. James Tagg, Professor Emeritus of the history department, initiated a project to conduct, collect, digitize and make accessible interviews with individuals intimately connected with the early years of the University of Lethbridge.

A proposed 300,000 square foot complex that will transform the Faculty of Arts & Science in particular and the University as a whole is just now in the planning stages and one of the U of L’s newest employees, Chris Eagan, is at the forefront.