CTiTL Meeting Notes: Feb 28 - 2011


Coordinator Report

  • Marlo reported on Laptop initiative, Vydeo, and FNMI Database (oops forgot to mention that - I am working with Cathy to develop an FNMI Resource database).

Tech Support Report

  • Scott - reported on recent issues as a followup to Marlo's report
  • indicated that the first laptop cart is being purchased as we speak, with the other laptops being purchased in the summer


Report by CIO - Clark Ferguson

  • Clark Ferguson presented an overview of technology in the University.

Faculty Technology Policy Document

There was a discussion about the Faculty Technology document, it was decided to send it out to the committee for a final reading and then send it on to Faculty Council as an item of information. Once the document has been edited for the final time, Marlo will officially pass this on to Craig to be put on the next Faculty Council agenda.

Jennifer indicated that she would add something to the Vision statement that includes the Counselling program.

Discussion of Technology Survey

Marlo indicated that he and Ken had developed a survey for the PS II instructors but then thought it might be better to survey the entire Faculty. David indicated that we need some way of getting the data - it was agreed that just sending out the survey might result in a disappointing return rate. Craig suggested administering it at the end of a Faculty Council meeting (passing out laptops). Marlo agreed that this would be a good experiment.

Marlo will send the survey out to the committee for editorial comments and then administer the survey at the next Faculty Council meeting.