Meeting Notes - Apr 29, 2013



  • Assignment: highlight indcates assignment
  • Recommendations: italics



  • reported on updates to mountain liion (all Faculty should be moved over by the end of the year)
  • ipads paid apps - coming soon


  • Rachell using moodle for assessment workshop super sseminar
  • course video production
  • iPad workpshop from Ken and Scott

Items for Action

TRIP Proposals

  • microphones for the ipads
  • Ken will wait till microphones are compatiple with new connections
  • how many Faculty have ipads? Ken will explore this - perhaps as part of Faulty survey

Issue of Video Observations

  • many of our Faculty supervisors are using video to help student interns to see themselves in their classrooms
  • there are potential FOIP issues
  • what are other institutions doing? ...quick search did't seem to reveal any policites used by other instiutions
  • if we create any policies or procedures that would might need to go through Human Subjects Review Committee
  • Marlo will discuss this issue with the U/ of L FOIP officer and either share that with the committee or ararnge to have that person meet with the CTiTL committee