CTiTL Meeting Notes: Apr 8 - 2011


Coordinator Report

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Tech Support Report

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Adjudicate FNMI Database Proposal

The CTiTL committee met this morning and discussed Cathy's proposal for an FNMI database. As a result of that meeting, the committee recommends that the Faculty move forward with Cathy's proposal for an FNMI database. The latest proposal is attached (see Word document). There were concerns and suggestions and those have already been verbally shared with Cathy. Here is a list of the items:

- monitoring and managing the database, this could be an onerous task (adjudicating submissions and comments)

- the future of the resource

- sharing this with Faculty in an appropriate venue

- getting input on database design from Bill (e.g. getting his input for the input fields)

- cloning the FNMI database; using the same server to mount a second database where students and Faculty could post lesson resources (the server can support multiple databases) - there would be two databases, one designed for FNMI content and another that would be more generic

Marlo forwarded this Craig tas recommendation form the CTiTL committee.