Meeting Notes - Oct 10 2014



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Chair (Marlo):

  • reviewed technologies that were being explored - VR, Flipgrid, MindMeister, SendItToMe, 3D printing
  • texting initiatives in the Faculty (Faculy level - Darcy Tamayose., PS I - Robin Brightt, Nancy Greg, Kurtis Hewson)
  • overviewed terms of reference for the committee

Kevin (Tech support):

  • High demand for carts, curr lab need two smaller carts

  • reported on web conferencing tools , Zoom seems to be working well - zoom 2 rooms, very positive, Kevinn will check out WebX,


  • reported that many folks are using Moodle for blended learning, also that more video is used withprograms like screenflow ,
  • Ken will look into better mic system for creating video and will also check into live streaming and cameras for this from IT. - with the idea of exploring this with EUS presentations,

Items for Action

Rename committee and TIRP fund

  • it was agreed that we rename the committee to Educational Techology Committee because the full name is difficult to remember and the acrynym is less meaningful
  • it was agreed that we rename the TIRP fund to Technology Innovations fund for the same reasons.
  • Marlo will send this recommendation on to Faculty Council through Executive Commiittee

Room Renovations - TH341

  • it was agreed that the committee should work on a plan to rennovate TH 341 more inline with what the Teaching Center has done with their Upscale Classroom
  • Marlo will raise this during the next meetig