Nov 26 - 2021


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  • Ken Heidebrecht,  Marlo Steed, Lorraine Beaudin, Kevin Orr
  • Regrets:   Len Sproule, Robert LeBlanc, Robin Bright,  Scott Powell,  Josh Markle, Jeff Meadows (Teaching Centre)


Chair (Marlo):

  • no Technology Innovation Fund proposal to adjudicate

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  • NA

Teaching Centre (Jeff):

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Items for Information


Items for Action

Supervision Video Systems

As a committee, we decided to focus on the first two apps (those seemed the most promising) and everyone will try to explore those options as time permits before our next meeting. We determined that we need to act quickly if we want to pilot this in the Spring semester with PS III distant placements, so we decided to meet again:

Next meeting:
Date:  Dec 17
Time:  12:00 noon
Location:  Via Zoom
Hope to see then.
I have include Scott’s information on the two apps we want to explore below:

Asynchronous Video Systems for Supervision




Standard pricing = $57 USD per user per year (for under 100 users)


I have a meeting with them on Monday to get a demo and more information. 


  • No equipment needed to purchase. Can use any camera.
  • Instructors can make time-coded comments throughout video.
  • Many reports and analytics available.
  • Secure cloud storage of videos
  • Has an excellent website with a lot of information and support available.
  • Originally designed for teachers in higher education. Over 4 million videos submitted.




Swivl Teams              


Pro account: $75 USD per user per year

Standard users are unlimited and free of charge, but have many restrictions (basically just able to upload the videos)


Demo page login:      Education2021

Can activate a 30-day Pro trial as an option.


  • Can work with Swivl CX Robot that can rotate and follow teachers around the room. (no idea what that costs yet…)
  • Can also use the Swivl app on mobile devices.
  • Uses a website to host, edit and collaborate on the videos after.
  • Used by over 50,000 schools so far.
  • Can share to individuals, groups, or by weblink.
  • Lots of options for downloading the video or just audio sections and analytics including speech analysis.
  • Can create teams and manage different groups. The Admin account has lots of powers to control and customize things.