Meeting Notes - Oct 15, 2019


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  • Scott Powell, Marlo Steed, Beth Cormier, Robert LeBlanc, Jeffery MacCormack, Jeff Meadows (Teaching Centre), Josh Markle, Craig Loewen
  • Regrets:  Len Sproule,


Chair (Marlo):

  • NA

Technology Support Report (Scott):

  • no final decisions on tech acquisitions
  • Craig mentioned the life cycle fund will die - the implications are there will be reduced acquisitions of new technology, will need to keep current computers longer

Teaching Centre (Jeff):

  • Classroom Governance - Beth will be submitting a proposal to that group.
  • Agility Maker Space update - showed blueprints
  • Gathered together a committee to discuss tech pain points - liaison with IT - Scott would be Faculty of Ed rep

Items for Information

  • Marlo mentioned PS III seminars via Flipgrid - comment from a couple of my PS III interns indicated that this is how all the seminars should be (talking to their peers).  Craig’s point would be to do this for the purpose of giving all our students an online experience.  Craig mentioned funding - professional development for faculty, ongoing prof development - for research, one person for research and another more of a prof dev position - tech seed fund.  This would need to be brought up with UPDC - create a research center where faculty could participate -
    Marlo will bring this up with UPDC.

Items for Action

Technology Infusion in the Program

Report:  In December Marlo met with the PS II instructors and asked them how they were using technology and if they would like someone there to assist them.  Most were doing something with technology.  Darlene St. George expressed an interest so Marlo met with her and got her going with using the Smartboard, Kevin was giving her a web camas a document camera that she can use to demonstrate how technology can share art techniques.  Marlo also showed her how to use Google Drive (forms and documents).  Ken worked with her to use Survey Monkey.

Ken and Marlo did workshop sessions for the PS II science students in Doug Checkley and Riley Kostec's classes and gave them a 45 minute session with the PASCO science sensors.  That worked well.

Jeffery noted that through exceptional learners assistive technology is not covered - perhaps have a 3-hour seminar, - two-course units (suggested by Craig).  Apply for funding for that.
The big issue here is giving up time in PS I and put into PS II - the question is should that be formalized (dedicated time), lack of accountability with an informal approach, 
There was some sense that mapping how tech is being used in PS II would be useful data to make decisions on.
Perhaps consider bring up in UPDC - perhaps - programmatic possibilities - with moving Ed 3508 across both PS I and PS II.
Perhaps Planning technology across our program - in Aug. or in Faculty Retreat - could be showcase technology possibilities for the new people for PS I - meet in June (Megan), so that might be a better time.
Next Meeting:
April 30