Meeting Notes - Oct 14, 2016



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  • Marlo Steed, Craig Loewen, Ken Heidebrecht, Scott Powell, Len Sproule,  Janice Rahn, Dawn McBride
  • regrets: David Hinger,


Chair (Marlo):

  • Reviewed the terms of reference for the committee

Scott (Tech support):

  • Laptop loaner policy, Scott met with the folks from the library 6 and placed 6 laptops there, these are not restricted to Ed students, Scott will notify students with an email
  • FileMaker server - upgraded the hardware, restricted to on-campus access, Marlo expressed concerns over the maintenance of the databases, Craig mention that student funds are available to hire students over the summer.
  • Issues with photocopiers - and new operating system new system for printing need more testing
  • Encrypt emails - can use "encrypt message" in the subject line to encrypt requires passwords for secure or confidential  information
  • Employee termination checklist - eg when a person retires - limiting access to important information

Teaching Centre:

  • NA


  • it was indicated the latest souper was success,e.g.  Dawn Souper seminar
  • may offer technology workshops now that soupers are no longer being put on
  • Tyrrell museum has been booked for web conferencing for 3508
  • working with faculty
  • Craig reminded us of the issue with 35908 - problem with having emails publically available - if students get emails from randoms then you are on your own

Items for Action

Discussion on Room Upgrades

Here are notes on the discussion about upgrading technology in TH 341 and 373:

  • Smart TV monitors - Len was highly impressed with these
  • suggestion to use our current smartboards in junction with large TVs  (perhaps could combine with previous idea of using Smart Monitors)
  • have series of levels to the proposal (working up to more sophisticated and expensive solutions
  • Issues of standardization so we don't have one-offs for maintenance
  • use whiteboard paint rather than install more whiteboards
  • need to accommodate differential purposes for different  rooms
  • determine priorities
  • Scale up workshop to get ownership of the idea - although it was pointed out that this did happen when the Scale room was introduced and many Faculty were involved with that - as well as Faculty consultation in the design of the proposal from last year
  • double sided TVs (Len)
  • acoustic system - fan abatement white noises - issues in both rooms  - this is a huge issue
  • Sound field  - red cat - vocal reinforcement (Len)

After the meeting Marlo found the following links that might be relevant: