Meeting Notes - Nov 25, 2016



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  • Marlo Steed,David Hinger, Ken Heidebrecht, Scott Powell, Len Sproule, Dawn McBride
  • regrets: Craig Loewen, Janice Rahn, Jane O'Dea


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Items for Action

Discussion on Room Upgrades

Scott presented a proposal for upgrades to the displays in TH 341 and 373.  The proposal suggested installing one large Smart display and two large TVs in TH 341 and one Smart Display and one large TV in TH 373.  David suggested using an adjustable table rather than our current static podium system, see the image on the right-hand side of the page.  It was also suggested that we need to move it out from in front of the displays but that may be a mute issue if we can lower it.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Marlo then presented a brainstorming session on a vision for what might be possible in these spaces with unlimited funding.  See the attached PowerPoint file (turn presentation notes on).

The main idea coming out of this discussion was the use of the classrooms in Th 341 and 373 as flexible and multipurpose space (used in the undergrad and grad program on weekdays and used by Counseling on Sat and Sun).  One option is  that the walls between the two rooms (341 & 373) could be removed to free up more space for larger classes.  This would create one large flexible space (the Science room shelves and closet could be moved to an open office).  This space would not be a classroom per se but be space that instructors could send students to work in small groups and could be shared by multiple smaller classes at the same time.    This flexible space would have everything on wheels and reconfigurable and would be as flexible as possible.    For instance, there could be multiple mobile Scale-Up like stations (large TVs) that can move out of the way or be set up for small group sharing using technology.  There would be a large number of mobile chairs and tables that could be reconfigured in a variety of ways.  Lighting and electrical issues will be looked at (e.g. false floor for power).  There would be  whiteboards on all of the walls and small whiteboards affixed to tables for small group sharing.  There would be accommodation for counselling options within the classroom space.  There could be a corner with reconfigurable lounging furniture for brainstorming sessions, deep discussions or debates.  We could use adjoining unused office space around this main area as small group multi-purpose breakout rooms  with shared technologies (robotics, VR, coding, etc.) and used for counselling sessions.  Dawn will submit a description of their requirements after she consults with the counselling faculty.

It was agreed that a tiered proposal would be put together that starts with the display upgrades and then moves on to more involved levels of options.  Scott and Marlo will put that together.


It was noted that Craig had questioned if we still need laptops/carts for student use.  Marlo noted that some of his classes still rely on those (3/40 and 8/40) and he indicated that it is different for each class but it is clear that most students now bring their own device.  That has changed in the last two years.  However, it was the consensus that we could easily require students to bring their own devices whether those are laptops or tablets.  Before removing student laptops we would need to grandfather in this new rule and put it in the admission requirements for PS I.

The impact of this on the Faculty laptop rotation was discussed and most people thought that the Faculty, should in principle, continue to provide laptops for Faculty.  In fact, Len made a strong case that the Faculty should be providing cell phones and plans as well.  David pointed out that through the University we have access to a good deal for cell phone plans with Bell.  Scott will share that information with Faculty.