Meeting Notes - Feb 17, 2017



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  • Marlo Steed, Ken Heidebrecht, Scott Powell, Len Sproule, Jane O'Dea, Janice Rahn, Scott Powell
  • regrets: Dawn McBride


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Items for Action

Flexible Learning Space Proposal

Here is a quick summary of our conversation from today’s meeting.  It was agreed that we have been discussing this for far too long and it is high time to do something.  It is the flexibility of the space that needs to be emphasized and it will be important to connect that to Faculty and University initiatives to encourage buy-in from all parties.  We agreed to focus on the upgrade to a flexible space in TH 341.  At the bare minimum, the displays have to be upgraded as per (Tier #1) in the original proposal.  Here is the process we came up with:

  1. It was decided that Marlo and Scott will come up with a primary proposal that describes the details for developing a flexible space in TH 341 along with upgrading the displays in TH 373.  An additional Tier will develop break-out rooms from office space on the 3rd floor. - I feel that we have to do that particularly if those spaces could be multipurpose and be used by the Counselling program (I will touch base with Dawn on this).  This proposal will include a rationale that will link to our program, future directions in the program (e.g. 4-year program) and potentially link to other departments (e.g. New Media, Neuroscience, etc.).
  2. The proposal will be circulated to committee members for feedback.
  3. Marlo and Scott will meet with Carol to further define the budget.
  4. The proposal will be forwarded to the Dean with the recommendation of the committee.

It was noted that if we want to do something for this year, we will have to act fast.

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