Meeting Notes - April 30, 2019


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  • Marlo Steed, Beth Cormier, Robert LeBlanc, Jeffery MacCormack,, Josh Markle, Craig Loewen
  • Regrets:  Scott Powell,  Jeff Meadows (Teaching Centre)


Chair (Marlo):

PS II Integration

  • Marlo updated the committee on efforts to integrate technology in a more systematic way into PS II.  Marlo has added the following items to the instructor questionnaire sent out by the PS II coordinator (Danny) with an eye to being able to identify technology integration components or infuse that into the PS II experience.  That data is forthcoming.
  • PS II Integration Questions
    1.  Is there a significant component of what you do in with your PS II students, that could be just as appropriately covered in PS I?  This might result in trading time with the Ed Tech module (Ed 3508) of PS I.


    If Yes, please describe those components.

    2.  Is there an aspect of what you are currently doing with your PS II students to integrate technology that you could regularize (do every year)?  Context for this question:  The purpose is so the Faculty can say, this is how PS II students are demonstrating technology integration.

    3.  Are there alternative ways of having PS II students integrate technology into their work?

Ed Tech PD Session for Faculty Retreat

The dean had assigned the technology coordinator to conduct ed tech PD for the Faculty Retreat.  Marlo contacted a number of individuals and the following sessions will be offered:


Shared Calendars for Practicum Supervision


Social Media - Twitter


Computational Thinking - Robotics - Hour of Code


Online Survey Development - GoogleForms, Qualtrics

Last Session -  Coggle


Exploring Geographical Locations - the nuances of using Google Earth


Asynchronous Video Discussions - FlipGrid

Technology Support Report (Scott):

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Teaching Centre (Jeff):

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Items for Information

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Items for Action

Adjudication of Technology Innovation Fund Proposal

David's technology proposal for an Internet Lexical analysis service for his research was discussed.  After conversations about the concerns and the benefits, the committee voted to approve the proposal and recommend that David's proposal receive funding.

Marlo was assigned to inform David of the committee's decision and cc Scott and Carol.

Next Meeting:
Fall 2019