Dec 17 - 2021


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  • Ken Heidebrecht,  Marlo Steed, Lorraine Beaudin, Scott Powell, Robert LeBlanc, 
  • Regrets:   Len Sproule, Robin Bright,  Josh Markle, Jeff Meadows (Teaching Centre)


Chair (Marlo):

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Teaching Centre (Jeff):

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Instructional Support (Ken):

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Items for Action

Supervision Video Systems

After reviewing the features and cost of the video annotating systems and discussing the potential benefits, there seemed to be a consensus among committee members that it would be useful to take this idea to the next level and do a pilot. Marlo volunteered to create a proposal to support piloting the Swivel Teams system for the Spring of 2022. 3-4 instructor licenses could be purchased to explore the possibilities. Monies could be used from the Technology Innovations Fund - Scott also mentioned that he has some funds available.

Potential benefits:

  • an encouragement for interns and student teachers to be more self-reflective of their practice (and see themselves in the classroom)
  • could enhance face-to-face supervision
  • could be used for distant placements
  • could be used for COVID-like scenarios
  • could be used for research to annotate video/audio (do theme analysis)