Monica Lockett | Sociology



“Find what you are passionate about, or even what you think you might be passionate about, and pursue it! There are many ways for students to get involved in a myriad of clubs, groups, and organizations and make their mark on the University community. Explore your interests, and support student organizations!"

Favourite Class: Indigenous Peoples and the Criminal Justice System and Deviance, Conformity, and Social Control
Favourite Social Activity: Hanging out at The Zoo after a full day of classes
Favourite Study Spot: Group workrooms in the Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • An independent study on the duties of journalists covering injustice and turning it into a peer-reviewed journal article

  • Presenting at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Working as a research assistant with Drs. Athena Elafros and Amandine Pras

  • Volunteering with L.P.I.R.G., CKXU, and The Meliorist

  • Working in the Office of Research and Innovation Services through the STEP/CSJ programs