Graduate Studies Application Procedures

Graduate Studies Committee - Procedures for Graduate Application

The following procedures are designed to assist students applying to Graduate Studies at the University of Lethbridge, their supervisors, and departmental planning. The procedures do not add to those required by Graduate Studies but do require earlier attention to the procuring of certain documents at earlier dates.

Dates of Application and Committee Response

In the forthcoming year, Graduate Studies admission dates are as follows:

  • Summer Session – February 1
  • Fall Session – February 1 and May 1(applicants to the MA program with a Major in Individualized Multidisciplinary and a Concentration in Sociology must submit their applications by February 1)
  • Spring Session – October 1

However, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications early through the graduate online application system by the following dates:

  • Summer Session – January 1
  • Fall Session – January 1 and April 1
  • Spring Session – September 1

The Chair and Graduate Committee will meet within two weeks of receipt of the documents to discuss the application. If further clarification is required, or planning to be made regarding provision of the student’s course requirements, a meeting with the student and supervisor will also be arranged. When all is in order, the departmental chair will sign off on the student’s application on behalf of the Department’s Graduate Admissions Committee.

Applications are first reviewed by the Sociology Departmental Graduate Education Committee who will then forward their recommendation to the Master of Arts Program Committee. The Master of Arts Program Committee then reviews the application and the School of Graduate Studies informs the applicant of the committee's decision. Applicants may also be called for an interview with the Master of Arts Program Committee.

More information regarding graduate program application deadlines is available on the School of Graduate Studies website.

Applicants should review the MA Program Application Procedure for a complete list of required documentation and application procedures for the MA Program. Documentation that is required as part of the application includes:

  1. Application submitted through the graduate online application system
  2. Academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are uploaded into the online application and official transcripts are sent to the Admissions Office)
  3. Three letters of reference, two must be academic
  4. An up-to-date CV
  5. A one-page letter of intent indicating in general terms the reasons, goals, or objectives for seeking a graduate degree in the chosen discipline

For admissions, please contact:
Dr.Muriel Mellow