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Sociology is the study of society, including the interaction between individuals, groups, and institutions.

The application of sociological thinking can lead to a better understanding of social problems and issues and suggestions about how these issues may be overcome in real-world terms.

By studying Sociology, you will gain insight into how people interact with one another and how values and beliefs both shape and are shaped by the structures and processes around us. The primary goal of the discipline is to stimulate sociological thinking—applying imagination and critical analysis to the many facets of social life.

Department Highlights

Nationalism and Regionalism: Observations on the Case of Spain

Nationalism and Regionalism: Observations on the Case of Spain
by Dr. Trevor Harrison

February 15, 2024 at 1:00 PM MST
Room M1040 and on Zoom:

Residential School Exhibit

Powerful New Museum Exhibitions Share Stories from Residential School Survivors
The Galt Museum & Archives | Akaisamitohkanao’pa (eternal gathering place) is pleased to share details of two concurrent temporary exhibitions opening to the public on September 23, 2023. Both feature powerful first-person stories shared by residential school survivors from across the country, but also right here in southern Alberta from Kainai First Nations members

EDI Scholars

Sociology Faculty members, Dr. Jason Laurendeau and Dr. Kara Granzow,  have been appointed as EDI Scholars



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