Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students :

Tatum Fraser, MA -“Parental Leaves: At What Costs? Exploring the stigmatization of maternity and parental leaves in private sector Alberta.” 

Liz Fox-Grey, MA -"Indigenous Identity in the Postcolonial: An Indigenous Anarchism of Identity and resistance"

Victoria Holec, PhD - "Millennial” representations on microblogs: Methodologies for analyzing digital discourse from big data to qualitative inquiry

Tyler Jacques, PhD

Megan Morman, PhD - "Moving Images: Lenticular Affects in Public Space"

Shahina Parvin, PhD -"Experiences of Non-European Immigrant Women being Categorized as Mentally Ill in Lethbridge"

Joslin Smith, MA

Tyler Stewart MA -"Silencing: The Politics of Sound"

Arturo Tejeda Torres, PhD

Ibrahim Turay, PhD - "Black Lives Matter in Alberta: Perceptions of Black Youth of their Relationship with Police"

Sean Wilcox, PhD

Past Graduate Students

James Vaughan, MA, 2019  -"'Futures pitilessly blocked and passions violently choked:' The fatalistic narrative of a nonresident father."

Eric Keim, MA 2019 - Social Support and the Probability of Depression Among Canadians: A Longitudinal Analysis

Jake Vinje, MA 2019 -"Security, Population, and Threat: The Biopolitics of Anti-Terrorist Discourse in Canada". 

Jami Albright-Tolman, MA 2019 - Living the Code:  How Identity Practices of  Female Corrections Officers Reinforced Hegemonic Masculinity

Sydney Cabanas, MA 2019 - A place to call home?: recent immigrant integration experiences in Lethbridge, Alberta

Tanner Layton, MA 2018- "The Canadian Mental Health Association and the Politics of Well-Being'"

Jasmine Saler, MA 2018 - "Palimpsestuous Bodies: An Inquiry through Dance and Creative Autoethnography "

Katelynn Mitchell, MA  2018-" Reproductive Justice in Southern Alberta: Experiences of Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion (2007-2017) "

Dan Konecny, MA  2017-"Risk Discourse and the Production of Adolescence through Parenting Guides".

Emily Kirbyson, MA 2017 -"Hauntings on Blackfoot Land: Theorizing the Hinterlands of Native Teacher Education Programming at the University of Lethbridge"

Emmanuel Obeng-Mireku, MA 2017 "Christian-Muslim relations in sub-saharan Africa:  A comparitive analysis of Ghana and Nigeria"

Jenna Kummer, MA 2016 - "Lipstick and Leather”: Recontextualizations of Glam Metal's Style and Signification.

Shahina Parvin, MA 2016 -" Like us, Secure your Opportunity of Having a Child:  The discourse of Arts in Bangladesh".

Vanja Spiric, MA 2016 - "Disability and Difference in Higher Education: Case of Accomodation at the University of Lethbridge".

Aileen Ledoux, MA 2015 - "Heterotopic Postmemories of an Actual Homeland: Recollections and Reclamations of Hawai'i".

Nathan Wong, MA 2015 - "Social Surrogates or Posthuman Lovers?: Love Dolls in the "Robotic Moment".

Abe Tinney, MA 2015 -  “The Discourse of Economic Crises:  Policy Making in Alberta 1983 - 1993”.

Alan Santinele Martino, MA 2014  - “’It is totally a power struggle’:  Struggles over the sexuality of some intellectually disabled individuals in Southern Alberta”.

Tiffani Semach, MA 2014 – “’They USE Space’:  Youth affected by attentional and behavioural challenges and spatial boundaries in the classroom”.

Rachel Sheilds, MA 2012 - "(Re)Imagining history and subjectivity: (Dis)Incar-nations of racialised citizenship"

Gillan Ayers, MA 2012 – “’I could be a father, but I could never be a mother’:  Values and meanings of women’s voluntary childlessness in Southern Alberta”.

Carlin Sharpe, MA 2012 – “Top hat and cane show:  Gendered emotional labour in kayak guiding”.

Tamara Larter, MA 2011 – “More than ‘Whore’:  A discourse analysis on the media coverage of the murders of sex trade workers in Edmonton, Canada, 2001-2008”.

Michael Granzow, MA 2010 – “Bringing people to the park:  Inclusion and exclusion in the production of public space”.

Natasha Fairweather, MA 2009 – “Religion and trust in Canada”.

Kristen Desjarlais-DeKlerk, MA 2009 -"The impact on religious involvement of women in the paid labour force, 1975-2005."

Jill Veenendaal, MA 2008 – “Lost voices:  How print media and municipal policy ignore the needs of the inadequately-housed in Calgary, Alberta”.

Tyson Will, MA 2007 – “With God on our side:  The discursive construction of religious and national identity within the sermons of The Crystal Cathedral Ministry”.

Jennifer Franks, MA 2007 - "Scripted service encounters:  Frontline employee experiences of the Mystery Shopper Program".

Tiffany Boulton, MA 2007 – “Cuts both ways:  Women’s experiences of cosmetic breast surgery”.

Teri-Lynn Fox, MA 2004 – “Intergenerational communication & well-being in aboriginal life”.