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Psychology delves into what makes people tick. Psychologists study the relationship between mind and behaviour by investigating the nature of thought processes and behaviours in humans and other animals.

A major in psychology will help you develop skills in analyzing and interpreting complex material, particularly as it relates to behaviour. You will learn theories of how people interpret the world and act in it, as well as theories of human behaviour. As a psychology student, you will learn from those at the forefront of psychological research. Our faculty members are regularly published in the top journals and make an ongoing contribution to an ever-advancing field.

Department Highlights

Juleyska Vasquez Cardona

Like human singers, songbirds warm up their voices before a performance

If you’ve ever wondered why songbirds are seemingly much busier in the early morning hours, a new paper out of the University of Lethbridge explains the birds aren’t just singing their hearts out to welcome you to the day — rather, they’re warming their voices up for their important morning performance.

PhD student Juleyska Vazquez Cardona (MSc ’22), working with Dr. David Logue out of the Department of Psychology, says that birds warm up their voices just like human singers would before a performance. The phenomenon is known as the dawn chorus, where songbirds sing intensely during the early morning before tapering off as the morning progresses.


Proactive approach to student mental health at the heart of R.E.C. Room initiative

A student with a healthy and positive state of mind is more likely to be engaged, successful and flourishing. The University of Lethbridge’s newest strategy to enhance student mental health is the introduction of the R.E.C. Room — multi-site campus hubs designed to invite students to step away from the stress of study and research to relax their minds and connect with one another.
Paul Vasey

Unlocking the mystery - Dr. Paul Vasey’s new data analysis reveals insights into male homosexuality

A deeper analysis of a decade’s worth of data from Dr. Paul Vasey’s Comparative Sexology Lab at the University of Lethbridge has lent clarity about the influence of two separate but linked literatures on biological variables influencing male homosexuality.

Vasey, a Professor and Board of Governors Research Chair, and his team of former students (Drs. Doug VanderLaan, Scott Semenyna and Francisco Goméz Jiménez) wanted to determine if there was evidence for both the Fraternal Birth Order Effect (FBOE) and the Female Fecundity Effect (FFE) in data they collected over a decade while working in Samoa.

Advocacy work earns Mars Jesson recognition as first VandenHoek Schlachter Pride Award recipient

Mars Jesson, a psychology major and co-chair of Q-Space at the University of Lethbridge, is the first recipient of the VandenHoek Schlachter Pride Award. This recognition celebrates Jesson's commitment to supporting the 2SLGBTQ+ …

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Shining Student Madi Abbott

Madi Abbott's journey at the University of Lethbridge has been marked by a passion for psychology and a commitment to deepening her understanding of human behaviour.

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Shining Education Graduate & Horns Rugby Alumna Sofia Hoff

In her first year at the University of Lethbridge, Sofia Hoff (BA/BEd '24) accomplished a significant personal milestone: joining her two older sisters, Eden and Siena, on the Women's Rugby team.

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