Meet our Faculty & Staff

All members of the Department of Psychology are now working remotely, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For general inquiries, please email or, you may reach out to a specific individial listed below.

Please note, as we are not on campus and don't have access to our phones, email communication is best.

David Logue

David Logue

Office: SA8380
Lab: SA8304
(403) 329-2781

Research Focus: Accoustic Communication in Birds

Jennifer Williams

Associate Chair
Office: SA8358
Lab: SA8330
(403) 380-1852

Erin Cooke

Assistant to the Chair
Office: SA8394
(403) 329-2235


Scott Allen

Office: SA8364
Lab: SA8372
(403) 329-2077

Research Focus: Human Cognition: Memory & Categorization

Louise Barrett

Louise Barrett

Office: SA8362
Lab: C480
(403) 317-5039

Research Focus: Behavioural Ecology and Embodied Cognition in Human and Non-human Primates

Tyler Bonnell

Research Associate: Barrett & Henzi Labs


Margaret Forgie

Office: SA8354
(403) 329-2437

Noelle Gunst-Leca

Research Associate: Leca & Vasey Labs
Office: SA8374
(403) 317-2831

Peter Henzi

Office: SA8390
Lab: C460
(403) 317-2839

Research Focus: Primate Behavioural Ecology & Cognition

Jean-Baptiste Leca

Jean-Baptiste Leca

Office: SA8376
(403) 329-2436 
Lab: SA8306
(403) 317-2831

Research Focus: Primate Behaviour, Cognition & Evolution

Carrie Leonard

Postdoctoral Fellow



Fangfang Li

Office: SA8382
Lab: SA8384 & SA8308
(403) 329-2568

Jennifer Mather

Jennifer Mather

Office: SA8386
Lab: SA8312
(403) 329-2423

Research Focus: Cephalopod Cognition & Invertebrate Welfare

Lanna Petterson

Research Associate: Vasey Lab



Javid Sadr

Office: SA8370
Lab: SA8324
(403) 332-4530

Research Focus: Person Perception, Vision, Learning and Social Cognition; Empirical Film Studies

Scott Semenyna

Postdoctoral Fellow: Vasey Lab

Paul Vasey

Paul Vasey

Office: PB230E
Lab: PB230
(403) 329-2407

Research Focus: Cross-species/Cross-cultural Research on Sexuality & Gender

John Vokey

John Vokey

Office: SA8368
Lab: SA8366
(403) 329-2409