Meet Our Graduate Students

Scott Anderson

Program: MSc (Individualized Multidisciplinary)

Supervisors: Dr. Jennifer Copeland (KNES) and Dr. Cheryl Currie (Health Sciences)

Research: Prevalence of sedentary behaviour within multiple populations in Canada and its correlates with chronic disease.

Jesse Couture

Program: MA (Individualized Multidisciplinary, KNES)

Supervisor: Dr. Carly Adams

Research: Representation, Gender, Triathlon, Sociology of the Body, Masculinities/Femininities

Natalie de Bruin Nutley

Program: Post Doctoral Fellow (KNES)

Supervisors: Dr. Claudia Gonzalez (KNES) and Dr. Ian Wishaw (Neuroscience)

Research: Sensorimotor control for reaching and grasping in healthy and special populations.

Janice Donkers

Program: MA (KNES)

Supervisor: Dr. Luc Martin (KNES)

Research: Sport and exercise psychology; specifically group dynamics within individual sport.

Jared Evans

Program: MSc (KNES)

Supervisor: Dr. Gongbing Shan

Research: Biomechanics

Jason Flindall

Program: PhD (Neuroscience)

Supervisor: Dr. Claudia Gonzalez (KNES)

Research: Behavioural correlates of action intent in reach-to-grasp actions. Specifically, how the goal of the action (e.g., eat versus place) affects the kinematics of the transport phase of the grasping movement, and how these changes develop/degenerate in humans.

Dustin McCubbing

Dustin McCubbing

Program: MSc (KNES)

Supervisor: Dr. Jon Doan (KNES)

Research: Perception and action for manual handling activities in the workplace. Specifically, how work-related parameters, like physical fatigue, mental fatigue, or the presence of co-workers affect the biomechanics and behaviours for handling safely and preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

Matthew Schmale

Program: MSc (KNES)

Supervisors: Dr. Jennifer Copeland (KNES) and Dr. Tom Hazell (KNES)

Research: Exercise endocrinology; and more specifically, the comparative effects of sprint-interval and continuous endurance exercise on satiety hormones.

Kayla Stone

Program: MSc (Neuroscience)

Supervisor: Dr. Claudia Gonzalez (KNES)

Research: Sensorimotor integration; and more specifically, how vision and hapsis integrate during goal-directed actions, such as reaching and grasping.

Steven Szilagyi

Program: MA (KNES)

Supervisor: Dr. Robert Kossuth

Research: Sport History

Zhao Zhang

Program: MSc (KNES)

Supervisor: Dr. Gongbing Shan

Research: Biomechanical analysis of offense skills in badminton.