History and Religion Students Conference

History and Religion
Students Conference

April 27, 2024
Do you have a paper that touches on religion or history that you’re proud of? If so, consider presenting it at the 2024 History and Religion Students Conference at the University of Lethbridge.

The paper doesn’t have to have been written for a history or religious studies course. We’ll consider papers that touch on either of these broad disciplines.

The conference is a chance to perfect a paper you’ve already written, to show it off and to learn about what other students have been up to.

April 27, 2024
Live and In Person in Anderson Hall, University of Lethbridge
Open to undergraduate and master’s students

You won’t have to submit the whole paper to us. Essays will be assessed for suitability based on a 250-300 word abstract. We want to see a clear thesis and describe how you argue to your conclusions, methods, kinds of data, etc. If accepted, the abstract will also be printed in the schedule and shared online, so it should also be written to draw interest. If we have questions or concerns with your abstract, we’ll give you some feedback so you can resubmit.

Proposals/ Abstracts: Students can submit their proposals/ abstracts online.  Abstracts should be 250-300 words. Indicate the subject area and thesis, method of analysis, and kinds of data. If accepted, the abstract will be printed in conference proceedings and posted online. You may resubmit an improved abstract if the initial one is rejected.

Panels: A panel will include a series of related papers and a single question period at the end, or responses by other contributors. You may propose a panel discussion, especially if you know other interested folk with a paper on a relevant topic (great for final year seminar courses).  if you would like to help organize a special panel, please contact Dr. Jim Linville .  If accepted, each participant will make their own separate abstract submission and indicate that  it  is a for a Special Session.

Deadline for proposals is April 18, 2024
Late submissions will only be considered if schedule allows.

For more information, please contact Meaghan Primeau