Programs & Courses

The Department of Economics offers a major in economics for the 40-course Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts & Science degree programs. The Department also offers a Master of Arts program. Students who have selected a general major in the social sciences can select economics as one of the three streams. Students can select economics as the BA major for the Combined BA/BEd or BA/BMgt programs.

Students selecting these undergraduate degree programs will have the opportunity to take such courses as microeconomics, macroeconomics, economics and business statistics, economics of professional sports, Canadian public policy, economics of agricultural issues, environmental economics, and international trade and finance. Learn more about our courses.

Also, the University of Lethbridge’s School of Graduate Studies offers graduate programs, at the Master and Doctoral levels, spanning over 60 disciplines — so why not consider pursuing grad school right here in Lethbridge! Whether you choose to do your advanced studies at uLethbridge or another institution, know that your undergraduate degree has set you on the path to post-graduate success. Learn more about graduate studies.

For more information on any of the degrees listed above, review the Program Planning Guide(s) that aligns with your admission year (e.g. 2019/2020 BA Economics) or speak to an Academic Advisor.

The Department of Economics also participates in the delivery of the following programs:

Pre-Professional Transfer Programs information:

  • Pre-Journalism (University of Regina)
  • Pre-Law (University of Calgary)
  • Pre-Law (University of Alberta)
  • Pre-Social Work (University of Calgary)