The Department of Economics


Welcome to the Department of Economics. Economics is, itself, a multifaceted discipline. EconomicsĀ at the University of Lethbridge encompasses a wide number of areas, and students will have the opportunity to explore all of these facets including philosophy and logic, statistics, political science, finance and management, and history. It is a very challenging discipline that teaches you to think critically and be able to look at the real world and explain its workings and policies using economic principles.

Your first year in the U of L Economics program covers introductory principles that provide you the basic toolset to explore most of the topics encountered in economics. The Economics Department offers a number of second year courses that are topical and require no prerequisite courses in economics. Third year courses offer a balance of theory and practical applications in many important areas of economics. Fourth year courses offer more advanced materials that are invaluable to economics majors entering the private and public sectors, as well as those students who choose to move on to graduate studies.

Above all else, EconomicsĀ at the U of L, encourages individuals to think like economists and view the world with a better understanding.