Winners - Michael Chan Award

See below for the students that have one the prestigious Michael Chan Prize in Asian Studies.


Matthew Somerville (General Humanities Major with streams in English Literature, Japanese, and Linguistics, and Asian Studies Minor)
National Learning and Poetry: How Mono no Aware Improves a Nation


Silva Baiton (English Major and Double Minor in Japanese and Asian Studies)
Looking for the Bright Life: Consuming Modernity in Late 20th-Century Japan
Silva Baiton | English | University of Lethbridge (


Jessica Knoop-Lentz (Religious Studies Major and Asian Studies Minor)
Shades of Green: A Consideration of the Multiple Perspectives on Buddhist Ecology


Silva Baiton (English Student, Japanese/Asian Studies Double Minor)
'Warmth in Human Society, Light in All Human Beings': Origins, Development, and Early Resistance of Burakumin in Early Modern and Modern Japan

2017 (co-winners)

Rutika Gandhi (Religious Studies)
Spiritualizing the Internet: Exploring Modern Buddhism and the Online Buddhist World

Fallan Curtis (Health Sciences)
Utilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine: A Field Inquiry


Derek De Coste (History)
Remembering the Nanjing Atrocity


Kaelah Collins (English)
A World of Opposites: Manifestations of Nonduality in Zen Buddhist Art


Aaron Eelhart (General Science student)