Programs & Courses

Students at the University of Lethbridge can pursue agricultural studies at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

At the undergraduate level, students can achieve a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Studies in two ways:

  • By completing the requirements for the direct-entry, 40-course BA or BSc, with a multidisciplinary major in agricultural studies offered by the Departments of Biological Sciences, Economics, and Geography.
  • By first completing an approved diploma program and then transferring directly into the BA or BSc agricultural studies post-diploma program at the University of Lethbridge (please see Program Planning Guide for a list of approved diploma programs and institutions).

Both of these programs require students to participate in a technical studies semester at Olds College (or an approved equivalent program) in order to develop technical and practical skills.

Students in the BA programs select courses in agricultural economics, rural sociology, economic geography, development, public policy and administration, and environmental issues. You can also select an optional concentration in agricultural business (see Program Planning Guide for details).

Students in the BSc programs select courses in animal and plant physiology, genetics, ecology, microbiology, and biotechnology, or courses in weather and climate, soils, environmental resource management, irrigation, and GIS.You can also select an optional Concentration in Agricultural Business (see Program Planning Guide for details) or Geographical Information Science (GIS).

Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA)
Once you have completed your degree, you may apply to the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA) to be registered as a Professional Agrologist within Alberta. Contact your program Coordinator early in your degree for further information. The academic requirements for AIA certification can be found on the AIA website.

For more information on the undergraduate degrees listed above, review the Program Planning Guide(s) that aligns with your admission year (e.g. 2019/2020 BA agricultural studies) or speak to an Academic Advisor. Need help planning your program? Check out these great resources!

Also, the University of Lethbridge’s School of Graduate Studies offers graduate programs, at the Master and Doctoral levels, spanning over 60 disciplines — so why not consider pursuing grad school right here in Lethbridge! Whether you choose to do your advanced studies at uLethbridge or another institution, know that your undergraduate degree has set you on the path to post-graduate success. Learn more about graduate studies.