Workshops and Events

The Student Success Centre offers a variety of workshops and events to to help you improve your academic skills and flourish as a student.

Learning for Success - Fall 2023
Join us each week for practical strategies to help you improve your academic skills and flourish as a student. This semester, workshops are offered in-person on Wednesdays from 2-2:30PM in room TH141 and virtually through Zoom on Fridays from 11-11:30AM

Sept 13 & 15: Time Management and Creating a Study Schedule

The semester has just begun but coursework can pile up quickly! Join us for practical tips on to how stay organized, keep up with coursework and find balance in your life.

Sept 13 (In-person); link to register:

Sept 15 (Zoom); link to register:


Sept 20 & 22: Note-Taking Skills

Note-taking is an essential academic skill that can take time to develop. We will review ways to improve your notetaking and help you get the most out of your lectures.

Sept 20 (In-person); link to register:

Sept 22 (Zoom); link to register:


Sept 27 & 29: Study Strategies

Ever wondered if your study skills are on track for university? Join us to learn proven study techniques and how to maximize your review time.

Sept 27 (In-person); link to register:

Sept 29*: link to register:

*A recording will be provided as the university will be closed in recognition of the National Day for Truth and Recognition.


Oct 4 & 6: Preparing for Exams

Stuck in a cycle of cramming for exams? We will cover why starting early is key, how to prepare for different types of exams and strategies you can use during your test.

Oct 4 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 6 (Zoom); link to register:


Oct 11 & 13: Habits for Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it is often the result a series of small habits built up over time. Join us to learn about the power of habits and how they can support your academic goals.

Oct 11 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 13 (Zoom); link to register:


Oct 18 & 20: Reading Strategies

Are your articles piling up? Feel like you can’t remember what you just read? Not sure what to take notes of? This week we will cover how to get more out of your textbooks in less time.

Oct 18 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 20 (Zoom); link to register:


Oct 25 & 27: Building Focus

Maintaining focus can be challenging, especially with so many distractions around us. This week we will provide strategies to help you stay on task longer and increase productivity.

Oct 25 (In-person); link to register:

Oct 27 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 1 & 3: Reducing Procrastination

Have you ever procrastinated by watching videos about procrastination? Join us for one of our most popular topics – how to reduce academic procrastination and build motivation.

Nov 1 (In-person); link to register:

Nov 3 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 8 & 10: Top Study Skill and Exam Prep Tips

We are combining our top two workshops into one! This week we will cover our best study strategies and test taking tips.

Nov 8 (In-person); link to register:

Nov 10 (Zoom); link to register:


Nov 22 & 24: Finishing the Semester Strong

You are on the homestretch! Join us to learn how to finish your semester with success, including why taking care of your well-being is an important learning strategy.

Nov 22 (In-person); link to register:

Nov 24 (Zoom); link to register:


University Prep - Summer 2023

Join the Student Success Centre via Zoom each August as we cover our top three student requested topics: time management, confidence in the classroom, and study strategies! Whether this is your first year or fourth, these presentations will help you feel better prepared for the semester ahead.


University Prep #1: Time Management     

Your semester can go by in a flash! In this presentation, we will discuss time management strategies to help you prepare for the semester, stay on top of your coursework, create a study schedule and balance it with time for yourself.

Register for August 15 at 11AM:

Register for August 21 at 1PM:


University Prep #2: Confidence in the Classroom

Success in the classroom involves more than just showing up. We will cover best practices on how to get the most out of your lectures (including online), note-taking strategies, and why participation matters.

Register for August 16 at 11AM:

Register for August 22 at 1PM:


University Prep #3: Study Strategies

Wondering if your study skills are on track for university? Join us to learn about proven study techniques, how to maximize your review time and why you really should avoid those late-night cram sessions.

Register for August 17 at 11AM:

Register for August 23 at 1PM:


Can't attend? View presentation recordings:

Time management: (Aug 16, 2022; 39:37)

Note-taking: (Note: #2 previously focused on notetaking. Aug 17, 2022; 50:59)

Confidence in the Classroom: (Aug 22, 2023; 47:14)

Study Strategies: (Aug 18, 2022; 37:33)


Academic Resilience - Fall 2023
We know that University can be hard sometimes, but learning better, feeling better and doing better is possible!
Join our Academic Resilience group as we meet to discuss specific learning strategies and how, when paired with thriving skills and other resources, you can create a new and more meaningful academic path for yourself. This group is geared towards students who have completed at least one semester but is open to all.

For the Fall 2023 semester, our group will meet on Mondays at 2PM in M1035 (Markin Hall, Lethbridge campus)

To sign up, simply email: Yup, it’s that easy!   (Or use the links to RSVP for individual events listed below.)


September 11: Learn to Love Being a Student (Again!)

Welcome to the Academic Resilience group! In this session, we will introduce the program and discuss how resiliency, growth mindset and effective learning strategies can help you to thrive instead of just survive.

Link to register:


September 18: Creating Habits for Success

Learn how small changes can make a meaningful impact on both your academic and personal lives. We will discuss how to identify and implement new positive habits, tips on making them automatic, and where to seek additional support when needed. Following this week, you will have the ability to apply a growth mindset to habit formation when pursuing academic and personal success.

Link to register:


September 25: Time Management and Finding Balance

Coursework can quickly pile up and feel overwhelming. We will discuss tools and techniques to help you create a plan for the semester, how to be more productive and why finding balance is equally important for your success.

Link to register:


October 2: Optimism and Effective Study Skills

Approaching difficult tasks from a positive perspective can be challenging at times. Join us to learn how optimism is a tool for success and how it can compliment well-developed study skills. We’ll also talk about proven study techniques, why they are effective and how you can implement these for different courses.

Link to register:


October 16: Calm and Confident Test Taking

Learn how you can feel calmer and more confident during your next exam. Discussions include finding steadiness in the stress, how to prepare for different types of exams, strategies to use during the exam, and everything in-between.

Link to register:


October 23: Building Focus and Gratitude

Maintaining focus can be challenging, especially with so many distractions around us. This week we will provide strategies to help you stay on task longer and increase productivity. We will also discuss the importance of gratitude for yourself, your academic progress, and your future personal growth.

Link to register:


October 30: Sleep and Physical Activity as Learning Strategies

Most of know that sleep and exercise are important, but have you ever thought why? This week we investigate the important role these activities play on our learning and how we can use them as a tool for success. By the end of the session, you will understand the benefits of sleep and exercise while gaining strategies to improve both.

Link to register:


November 6: Procrastination, Motivation and Writing Strategies

Why do we procrastinate? How do I find motivation? This week we’ll explore those questions and help you to recognize and prevent procrastination before it occurs. You will learn how you can use these strategies and apply them to daunting projects like writing assignments.

Link to register:


November 20: Compassion and Connections

University can be hard but it’s a little easier when we show some compassion to ourselves and have a community of support around us. Well talk about the importance of community, how to communicate with your professors and helpful resources to check out.

Link to register:


November 27: Transitions

As the semester ends, it’s important to take time to reflect on the semester and your personal growth. What were your successes? What will you build upon next semester? What tools will you use to stay on track? We will also discuss the importance of gratitude for yourself and your academic progress!

Link to register:


Fall 2023 schedule will be posted in September.

Join us in a quiet welcoming study space to:

  • Get started on an assignment/course review/readings (whatever you've been procrastinating on!)
  • Create a study schedule
  • Set weekly goals
  • Gain time management tips

Hosted by a Peer Learning Mentor each week. Beverages and study snacks provided! (Program runs Sept 18 - Dec 8, 2023)

Interested in this program but not available during this time? Let us know! You can also schedule mini anti-procrastination meetings with our Peer Learning Mentors.

Procrastination Awareness Week March 6 - 10, 2023

Procrastination pawing at you? Feeling unmotivated? Join us for Procrastination Awareness Week as universities and colleges from across Canada will be offering a variety of virtual workshops on top time management skills, study strategies, how to get started on writing assignments, building motivate and more. You can also get focused in our virtual study hall, working alongside students from across the country who also need to make progress on their to do lists.

Events run March 6 - 10, 10AM – 3PM MST. To learn more or register, for free, visit:

Join the Student Success Centre as we present: Building Gratitude and Focus - Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 10AM.

View our 2022 presentation on building habits to beat procrastination:


March 6-10th, 2023 is National Procrastination Week. With generous support from the Learning Specialists Association of Canada (LSAC), staff from Writing Centres, Libraries, Accessible Learning Centres, and Learning Commons across Canada are working together to offer a week of workshops and connection to support students and increase our shared awareness and understanding of procrastination.