Math and Statistics


Mathematics and Statistics Help Sessions (January 24 - TBD)

Free drop-in tutoring for first- and second-year mathematics and statistics courses is now available!

Tutoring is available through MS TEAMS during the schedule listed below. 

Math and Stats Help Sessions

  • Mondays 12-2PM
  • Mondays to Thursdays 4:30-7PM
  • Fridays 12-2PM

MS TEAMS link to access online tutoring: 

You can also search MS TEAMS for: Math-Stats Help Sessions - Spring 2022.

Reference this table to see which tutor is available during each shift:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12-2PM Tara & Luke A       Tara & Niall
4:30-7PM Luke L & Sahar Niall & Jarod Sahar & Luke A Jarod & Luke L  

For additional support, here are a few resources that may be helpful:

Khan Academy


Math Vault