Exam Preparation

Instructors want you to understand more than just facts. They want you to understand the relationships between facts and to be able to demonstrate in exams how those facts and relationships integrate with other content.

Exam success is largely dependent upon your ability to learn new information, store it in your long term memory and retrieve it on demand. We can help you understand study principles, and the way they can be applied to your study routine, to help you acquire the skills you need to do well in your exams.

Exam preparation takes planning and commitement! Here are two handy worksheets when preparing for exams.

Tips for studying

Exam Prep Strategies

Exam planning sheet


Exam planning is best done on a large piece of paper or a white board. We recomend that you begin on the important items you don't know first.

We offer several workshops each semester on preparing for exams. To see when these workshops are, visit our events calendar. If you cannot attend these workshops, here is the presentation on how should i prepare for exams.pdf.