University Prep

Join the Student Success Centre via Zoom each August as we cover our top three student requested topics: time management, note-taking skills, and study strategies! Whether this is your first year or fourth, these presentations will help you feel better prepared for the semester ahead.

Summer 2022 Presentations (Summer 2023 schedule coming soon!)

University Prep #1: Time Management     

Your semester can go by in a flash! In this presentation, we will discuss time management strategies to help you prepare for the semester, stay on top of coursework, create a study schedule, and still have time for fun.

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View presentation recording: (Aug 16, 2022; 39:37)

University Prep #2: Note-Taking Skills

Note-taking and textbook reading are essential skills for success in university. We will cover best practices on how to get the most out of your lectures, take notes efficiently and read more effectively.

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View presentation recording: (Aug 17, 2022; 50:59)

University Prep #3: Study Strategies

Wondering if your study skills are on track for university? Join us to learn about proven study techniques, how to maximize your review time and why you really should avoid those late-night cram sessions.

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View presentation recording: (Aug 18, 2022; 37:33)