The Intersection of Youths and Museums: How We Teach the Past

When: Monday, April 8th, 2019

Where: Galt Museum and Archives, 502 1 St S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 1Y4




2019 I-CYS Symposium: Intersections of Youth and Museums 

The Institute for Child and Youth Studies (I-CYS) is hosting the 3rd annual At the Intersections of Childhood Symposium bringing together a group of interdisciplinary scholars, both in the academic and private sectors, whose work lies at one of the intersections of youthchildren, and museums. This is a general theme where topics including but not limited to, children’s education, archaeology, anthropology, and history can be connected to the wider theme of how we teach the past. The symposium will take place at the Galt Museum and Archives located in downtown Lethbridge on April 8, 2019. 

There has been little work to connect the professions of archaeology/anthropology, museum studies, children/youth studies, to the concept of pedagogy and how we as researchers choose to teach the past. The interdisciplinary nature of the symposium encourages not only community dialogue and feedback regarding how the past is taught and displayed in museum settings, but it also fosters conversations among scholars and the community to deepen the understanding of how these concepts interlink and can change within their own lives and research. Aligning with SHCY’s mission, the symposium will promote the history, research, and experiences of children and youth across diverse fields of study and location.

Keynotes and Format:

In an effort to push the boundaries of scholarly excellence and emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the symposium, speakers will include Dr. Monica Patterson (Carleton University), who specializes in interdisciplinary studies with museums and children, Dr. Anne Marie Murgnaghan (Ryerson University) a human geographer who looks at early childhood and education, and Dr. Naomi Hamer (Ryerson University) who studies cross-media adaptation of children's literature with a focus on picture books, mobile apps, and children’s museums. James Trepanier, a curator from the Canadian Museum of History, is also scheduled to talk about his experience in designing exhibits for children. A select number of papers will be accepted to the Symposium where presenters will have the opportunity to present findings from their own personal work and engage with the presenters and audience. 

The format of the symposium will consist of a combination of round table presentations and discussions, keynote speakers, a formal call for papers from members of the community and professional museum institutions, and Galt gallery viewings. This fantastic venue provides scholars and community members from southern Alberta, including centres such as Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton, to foster the study of children and youth by participating in and attending the symposium. During the round table the audience, students, faculty, and community members, will have time to respond to the presentation, and to engage and ask questions and reflect on issues presented. Moreover, the attendees will learn from other scholars, hear from community members, activists and practitioners, and transform the way research is conceptualized in these areas. 


Organizers and Partnerships:

Elsa Perry, M.A, PhD Student in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought, University of Lethbridge,

Aimee Benoit. M.A, PhD Candidate in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought, University of Lethbridge, Curator at Galt Museum and Archives.

I-CYS is proud to partner with the Galt Museum and Archives for the 2019 Symposium. 




Office of Research & Innovation Services, University of Lethbridge

Galt Museum and Archives​

Women's Scholars Speakers Series, University of Lethbridge

Canada Research Chair in Child and Youth Studies, University of Lethbridge